Music Spotlight: July Picks

It’s time for more new music recommendations to be headed your way! I’ve got some amazing new tunes and artists on this list (especially now that I’m back from Nashville)! Here’s my picks for July!

Pick #1- I’m In A Bar-Alyssa Micaela

Alyssa Micaela is one of my favorite new country artists, especially since I’ve seen her live and met her! She’s humble, kind, and she writes her music from her heart and experiences. Real country music comes from real life and that’s what Alyssa sings. “I’m In A Bar” is one of my favorite songs that she performed at The Listening Room. It’s a response to an ex that keeps calling when she’s moved on already! This song has an infectious chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Trust me, it’s been in mine for the past two days. If you’re moving on and not looking back, check this song out.


Pick #2- Ex-Husbands-Liz Rose

Liz Rose is one of country music’s biggest and best songwriters. She was one of the writers of many Taylor Swift songs like “Tim McGraw” and “You Belong With Me.” However, Liz has her own story that she tells on her album Sleeping Alone. One of those stories is about her ex-husbands. Liz told us at The Listening Room about how she wrote this song. She was talking with the other songwriters who wrote this song with her and they were talking about their ex-boyfriends. Liz responded with “I think I married all of mine!” Thus, this song came out of that session. If you love real music and a good story, check out this song!


Pick #3- You’re Drunk-Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark is another one of the artists that I saw while I was in Nashville. I ended up at a charity show at City Winery where Brandy was performing! I’d heard of her before, but she was INCREDIBLE live! She sings real music with vivid stories that people can relate to. This song didn’t quite make it on her album Big Day in a Small Town, but it was recently released as a standalone single to digital music outlets. If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted, good story country song, here’s the one for you.


Pick #4- American Dreamer-Kyd the Band

Kyd the Band is another amazing new act that I’ve seen live! I’ve actually written about them on my blog before! However, they’ve released their first single and music video now! “American Dreamer” was one of the fan favorite songs that was performed when they opened for NF on the Therapy Session Tour! However, Kyd the Band’s first single is actually quite romantic. It talks about getting married, buying houses, and more! If you’re in love and you think you’ve found the one, this song is for you!


Pick #5- Every Little Thing-Carly Pearce

It’s been established that I have a thing for women in country music…and this song has put Carly Pearce right on my radar. This song is incredible! I’ve seen her live twice (in the course of a week), and she kills it everytime. A truly talented vocalist with real emotion behind the lyrics. She’s the only solo female country artist in the top 20 at country radio right now (which is a shame). However, that just shows how amazing that this song is! If you’re still getting over the stings of a breakup, this song is for you.


Pick #6- Like I Loved You-Brett Young

Brett Young is one of the few male country artists that I love. I’ve been following Brett’s music since he put out his Country In California EP, and freaked out when I found out he signed with Big Machine Records. His success has made me so happy and has made my support even stronger. It’s so cool to watch an artist come off of 2 #1 singles on their major label DEBUT album! This song is some hard truth. Some people will never love you as much as you love them. If you’re feeling that pain and hurt, this song is for you.


Pick #7- Praying-Kesha

I’m SO happy to see Kesha back and able to release music. Her lawsuit and situation were extremely heartbreaking, but she’s shown that she’s able to triumph in the face of adversity with her new single “Praying”. Her vocals, the lyrics, and the emotion behind the lyrics make a perfect song. This song wouldn’t mean as much as it does if it was sung by anyone else (in my humble opinion). There’s so much I could say about this song, but I’m going to let it speak for itself. If you need strength, this is the song for you.


Pick #8- Love A Loser-Cassie/G-Eazy

I’ve been waiting on new Cassie music for 4 years. She’s teased studio sessions, new songs, and an album for that whole time, but has never delivered…until NOW. On July 22nd, Cassie debuted her BRAND NEW single “Love A Loser” (featuring G-Eazy) on Beats 1’s OVO Sound Radio. Her whispery vocals still stand out over a slick beat like they did 10 years ago when she first dropped “Me & U.” The song isn’t officially out yet, but the video has been filmed. I expect a release date and single release soon. Welcome back Cassie, we missed you. If you’re looking for a vibey track, this song is for you!


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